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Talent Overview

There is a current trend in advertising towards minimal and realistic concepts featuring realistic-looking people rather than only trained actors and fashion models. It is evident in magazine ads, corporate brochures, catalogs and web advertising.

Advertising agencies and their clients are creating new ads everyday.

Whether you are "regular folk" or a professional model or actor, and you've wondered what it would be like to see yourself on a billboard or in a newspaper ad, and get paid for it, then REAL TALENT is for you. Keep in mind that being exceptionally beautiful or handsome is not always a pre-requisite; there is an endless demand for characters of all types.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be included in the REAL TALENT family, contact us so we can arrange to have your images recorded digitally in our database. From there, they will be viewed by photographers and art directors who are continually creating new ads for their clients.

There is no obligation or fee to be included in the REAL TALENT files.

However, you will be required to provide and keep current your contact information as well as height, sizes, and date of birth. Also, if you are selected for a future "shoot" or "booking", you will be obligated to show up at the appointed place and time. A booking agent from REAL TALENT will notify you in advance of the final selection to discuss your scheduling considerations.